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domingo, 15 de maio de 2011

Healthy Weight Loss Diet - 3 Important Steps to Start Losing Weight Immediately

The weight loss battle is something that will probably always be around. However, it just takes a bit of motivation and a good weight loss plan to boost you on your way to reaching your target weight. Following are 3 essential tips for your healthy weight loss diet that will help you.

Don't miss breakfast

Many people think if they start skipping meals that the weight will fall off them. This just isn't true and especially not for breakfast. Research has shown that if you eat a healthy breakfast you will be more likely to lose weight. The metabolism will be given a kick start and your body will be ready to expend energy. Eat low-fat cereals and granary bread with some fruit for your breakfast for a healthy start to the day.

Do a bit of exercise every day

Do some exercise over and above your daily routine every day to help increase the metabolism and promote fat burning. It can be as little as a fast walk around the block or through the park but just make sure that it is in addition to your normal walking and daily activities

Don't eat big meals

Try to eat 4 small meals rather than 3 meals per day. After eating a large evening meal you may feel sluggish and actually more inclined to snack later on in the evening. Have a good breakfast a moderate lunch, a small dinner and something light in the evening. Again your metabolism will be getting a work out but you will still be eating less.

Losing weight is all about maintaining a sufficient level of fitness and fat burning where you eat less energy than you expend while still keeping your body sufficiently nourished.

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