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segunda-feira, 30 de maio de 2011

How to Lose Weight Without a Strict Diet - 12 Tips For Fat Loss

Losing body fat isn't as difficult as it can seem. Just by following these simple 12 tips you'll be able to achieve great results without a strict diet plan, only with a few changes in habit.

Have a walk before breakfast.

After a few hours of sleep your body is depleted of energy and by engaging in any aerobic activity your body will use body fat to keep on going. That's why having a walk at this time is a great idea - it should be a demanding power walk that at the same time doesn't restrict your breathing as you need a lot of oxygen to burn the fat off.
Don't skip your breakfast.

A proper breakfast will not only restore depleted energy but also provide its steady release through the day. If you skip this meal your energy level will keep going down and you will become hungry - at this point probably you'll be already out, so the only thing you can do is grab a snack or fast-food. That's why skipping breakfast is the main reason for developing bad eating habits.
Split your big meals into few smaller ones.

Too big a meal contains more energy (calories) than you need at the time and because of that your body will store the excess of those calories as body fat. Now if you eat smaller meals but more often, there will be less potential energy to be stored for later, instead there will be a bigger chance that your body will use old energy stores (body fat) between your meals.
Have protein in every meal.

Your body does not store protein as it does fats or carbohydrates, that is why you should include protein in every meal. By doing so you will maintain more muscle tissue while dieting - that's very important as muscles use a lot calories to maintain themselves. So by having more muscle you burn more calories! Besides, protein is less likely to be stored as body fat than carbohydrates or fats but still provides calories you need. Good sources of protein include lean meat, fish, eggs and cottage cheese.
Don't mix sugars with fats in one meal.

High doses of sugar cause a rapid release of the hormone insulin, which increases storage of nutrients. If you eat a meal that is rich in fats and your insulin level is high then it is more likely than usual that these fats will be stored as a body fat.
Don't eat sugars before bed time.

Sugars are the most rapid carbohydrates providing "instant energy" and since you'll soon be lying in your bed for a few hours you really don't need it. Simply, eating them before sleep will most likely cause it to be stored "for later" as body fat. If you're not a very physically active person you should also consider avoiding complex carbohydrates before bed.
Drink plenty of water.

If your body doesn't get enough water through the day you will become dehydrated and your metabolic rate (amount of calories burnt a day) will drop. Some research has proven that drinking two cups of cold water forces your body to burn more calories by using them to warm the water up. It's a good idea to replace your fizzy drinks and juice full of preservatives and sugar with plain water that doesn't add up calories to your diet.
Eat whole grain foods and vegetables.

Those products have a lot of dietary fibre - a carbohydrate that isn't digested by body but still causes the feeling of being full, stopping hunger at no cost of calories. Also, it stabilises the blood sugar level preventing swings of insulin which enhances storage of body fat.
Remember that you still need fats.

Even though you want to lose weight, 15-20% of your calorie intake should come from fats. Omega 3 and Omega 6 are essential fatty acids that can't be produced by body and need to be provided from food. The right amount can greatly benefit our health, and even help with fat loss - especially omega 3 fatty acids which stabilise blood sugar and regulate cholesterol level. Omega-3s are found in cold water fish like cod, salmon, sardines, herring, mackerel or tuna, the best vegetable source of omega-3s is flaxseed.
Don't forget about green tea.

Drinking green tea has many benefits for health and fat loss, one of them is green teas thermogenic effect - green tea contains catechins that increase the metabolic rate by burning fat to produce body heat.
Enhance your digestion with probiotic yoghurts and enzyme supplements.

If you can't get enough nutrients from the food you're eating, your body will demand more and more food, it will also store more body fat in fear of starvation. By improving your digestion your body will process food more efficiently - reducing the need of eating more to supply your body with what it needs. Digestive enzymes and probiotic bacterias that can be found in yoghurt can significantly help your body with digestion.
Plan your cheating days.

You need to be realistic about your diet, don't demand too much from yourself; to stick to it all year. It's better to plan one "cheating meal" every two weeks or so than suddenly break and end up eating a chocolate cake in the middle of the night.

David Lyszczek - competitive bodybuilder and personal trainer in Rochdale, Manchester, United Kingdom.
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