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sexta-feira, 27 de maio de 2011

3 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid in Order to Reduce Body Fat & Keep it Off For Good

It is a proven fact that 95% of the fat loss seekers whom try to reduce body fat would failed miserably and totally give up thinking that it is just too hard for them. But why are these people experiencing such failure although they are spending so much money on the latest fat loss programs, fat loss pills and even Low-Carb Low-Fat food?

The reason is very simple actually. That's because the fat loss techniques that they are using would only lead them to absolute failure. If You are trying to reduce body fat and still exploring around looking for the best fat loss tips to follow. Then what I am sharing below about the "3 most common mistakes fat loss seekers made" is a must read for you.

3 Common Mistakes You Must Avoid In Order To Reduce Body Fat Successfully:

1) You must avoid the so called " Fat - Free " Diets
"Fat - Free " might sound very nice and comforting for any fat loss seekers. These could be Fat - Free ice cream, pretzels, chips or margarine. The key concern is that many of these Fat-Free products although contain very little or no fat...but they contained just as many calories as - if not more than their higher fat cousins. That is why most fat loss seekers whom successfully reduced their body fat on fat free diets would ultimately gained every pounds back. It is just not normal to keep the fat intake so low for so long because fat does serves a purpose in our food. It makes food tastier and that's no doubt about it. When You cut off these tastier food for too long....Your body would crave for them " even more " and once You start binging on high-fat foods again. Your body fat would pack back on again...normally with much more!

2) You must avoid the so called " Low-Carb " diets
When You forgo the carbohydrates Your body needs for normal daily operation such as thinking, writing, typing or even talking. You will lose some weight from fats and water in the process. But most of the weight loss would be from Your lean muscle tissue if You don't know yet. Lean muscles are what make up Your natural ability to burn fats called " Metabolism". When You restrict Your carb intake, it also means You are "eroding" the lean muscles You have in Your body now. 1 pound of muscle burns about 50 calories a day. So if You lose 4 pounds on a Low-Carb diet, 2 of those pounds would come from lean muscle tissue. As such, You will be burning 50 fewer calories a day and more than 18,000+ for the entire year. This also equates to at least a 5 pounds gain in a year! So it is really no point torturing Yourself and go the " Low-Carb " diets while trying to reduce body fat. Because end of the day, you will only be back to square one and feeling very miserable.

3) You must avoid all the " Fad " diets.
Just about all " Fad" diets have one BAD thing in common: That is - They make You forgo or eliminate certain foods from Your normal meals. Any diet that bans certain foods from the menu is considered BAD because that would make You "Deprive". Imagine asking You to give up yummy bread for 6 - 8 weeks. Maybe still can force Yourself to do that in an effort to stick to the so called "Low Carb" diets. But how about 1 year? 2 years? or even more? That is really a true torture I am sure! And when You allow Your body to be in constant "deprivation" of the food You give up. You will soon surrender because being " deprived " is definitely not a good feeling to experience.

When You finally give in and start consuming those foods again, You BINGE big time and eating even larger amounts that before. And what's the results after that? You will be gaining all the body fat You successfully reduced before and even pack on even more! So the truth is that You must avoid these common mistakes most fat loss seekers made in order to reduce body fat and keep it off for good.

The author has successfully lose much of the stubborn and ugly fats on her body using only natural and proven techniques. she has started a blog on How To Reduce Body Fat sharing proven fat loss tips and tricks which You can use To Reduce Body Fat naturally & effectively too. Feel free to visit her fat loss blog here:

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