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segunda-feira, 30 de maio de 2011

Weight Loss Diet Tips - 11 Simple Yet Powerful Tips on How to Lose Weight Healthily

Dieting is a means to lose weight. It can't be done fast; and this is not an easy job. It must be done gradually. At the start, it seems to be fast, because water is the first to go, and then goes the fats. The usual dieting weight loss is one to two pounds per week.

The following are some diet tips-

1. Food pyramid is a good start on how to plan your dieting program

2. Stick to whole grain varieties of wheat, rye, millet, oats and others.

3. Increase your manual work to help burn fats.

4. Exercise regularly. It is very important and accepted universally as a good method to lose weight. One must strive to at least do 5 to 30- minute sessions per week. This will produce firmer muscles, while dieting.

5. Keep a diet diary to keep you aware and updated of the developments in your dieting. It also reminds you of your weight loss diet tips.

6. Find out why you overeat. Sometimes it is triggered by stress, loneliness, anger, depression and other emotions.

7. Have a support group to encourage you and give you resolve in your dieting.

8. Learn to monitor your hunger. Don't over-stuff your tummy.

9. It must be remembered that quick weight-loss is due to lost of water and muscles. It must be fats that have to be lost; and this is done gradually.

10. Eating slowly is a good practice when dieting. It also helps in better digestion of foods.

11. And finally try to eat less fats. This is an important tip.


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