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sexta-feira, 20 de maio de 2011

Rapid Weight Loss Diets

There are many kinds of eating habits and they differ from person to person. Some people have a greater tendency to gain weight and some hardly gain any. The human stomach muscle has a tendency to grow as well as to shrink. When we fill our stomach it doesn't have any limit, the more you eat the more it will expand. It will enlarge and form layers of fat. The nutrients in the food will be used up and the access will get stored for later in the form of layer.

Rapid weight loss diet plans work under a process which hampers the body and mind. There are different tonics, pills and diet plans made for this purpose. But they have proved to be unsuccessful and short lived. The use of substances with rapid weight loss qualities slows the body metabolism and starts to store food. Thus when the rapid weight loss diet plan or the use of pills is discontinued the body metabolism reverts back to the same condition.

Tips for Rapid Weight Loss

Here are some natural ways to lose weight rapidly. These tips should be a part of your routine for life. They are not temporary and will give you a healthier life style.

o Do not starve yourself, eat often but in small quantities

o Do not skip meals, preferably breakfast

o Drink lots of water, especially at the start of your meal

o Eat slowly and take time chewing

o Include fresh raw, leafy and water content vegetables (salads i.e. ice burg lettuce, cucumbers) and seasonal fruits in your meals

o Avoid low fat products, they are not worth it

o Cut down intake of caffeine

o Work out regularly, convert your fat into muscles

o Increase your physical exercise

By application of the above mentioned points, you can accelerate your metabolism. Your body will get accustomed to utilizing the food you consume swiftly, thus burn the fat and all the food would not be getting stored. Your body systems will regulate properly.

Rapid Weight Loss Diet Plans

Here are some rapid weight loss diet plans that are suggested, totally natural, free from side effects and irreversible.

o Juice Fasting; take only juices to reduce your weight rapidly. You can loose up to 30-40 pounds in a month. This will help you revive your energy level, stay refreshed and decrease your weight as well.

o Low Calorie Diets; only eat whole grains, non starchy vegetables, green salad, fruits, high water content.

o Low Carb Diet; remove all carbohydrates from your diet i.e. potatoes, noodles, wheat, rice, starchy extracts etc.

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