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sexta-feira, 20 de maio de 2011

The Sustainable Diet - Fat Loss For Idiots Review

What makes Fat Loss For Idiots different from other diet programs?

Unlike most diets which concentrate on either calorie cutting or removing certain foods from your diet completely, Fat Loss 4 Idiots focuses its dietary recommendations on, when you eat the foods you eat.

It may sound a little confusing but consider what your body does with the food you consume.

Your digestive system metabolizes the food releasing the foods nutrients.
These Nutrients are then available for use
Unused Nutrients are stored for later use

It's really a very simple process the problem comes by eating too many calories at the wrong time. All your body does is store them for later as fat.

Fat Loss For Idiots addresses this issue

By recommending eating less more, you not only use the nutrients as they are metabolized, you also keep your metabolism in high gear by making it work all day long.

Taking this a step further wouldn't it make sense to eat the foods that supply the nutrients you need for the activities you are going to be performing? Of course it does, in fact if you don't your body needs to store nutrients for when you do need them.

Hopefully you can now see the core principles behind Fat Loss For Idiots, these principles are not unique to Fat Loss For Idiots in fact several diet programs developed specifically for muscle building promote very similar eating habits.

The trick to loosing weight is to burn the fat off naturally with a fast metabolism not to starve it off, starvation & restrictive diets may well work for quick, short term weight loss but they slow down your metabolism, dehydrate the body & are unsustainable.

Sustainability is the key to any diet program, there is no point in loosing weight only to gain it all back & possibly more. Visit BMI Calculator for Females for more information about Fat Loss For Idiots and other sustainable diets programs.

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