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sexta-feira, 27 de maio de 2011

How Can I Lose the Fat Around My Belly? - Here's How

Dear reader - I'm willing to bet that you've not only stopped and asked yourself "how can I lose the fat around my belly?" But you've also tried a number of different diets and/or exercises that have resulted in little or no success. The good news is that amongst all the fad diets and exercises that don't work, somewhere out there is a specific way of eating and exercising that will strip away all of that stomach fat as fast as is biologically possible, eventually leaving you with the flattest, sexiest set of washboard abs that turn heads everywhere you go.

Allow me to explain. The fat around your belly is no different than the fat around anyone else's belly - not even the fat guy with his before and after pictures on the internet - yes, the one who ended up with a set of ripped six pack abs. Fat is a biologically defined entity, which is both formed and broken down via the same chemical reactions in the body, regardless of whom the fat belongs to. There are scientifically proven stimuli that will cause fat to be broken down, and the good news is that there is no such thing as fat that does not respond to these stimuli.

So if you're having difficulty with losing that fat around your belly, it's not because you have a stubborn type of fat that won't budge, it's because you're applying the wrong stimuli. So what are the correct stimuli that will have you easily and naturally stripping away that fat around your stomach, changing your question from "how can I lose the fat around my belly," to "what do I do with my old oversized clothes?" These stimuli can be placed in the following 3 categories:

1. Changing the way you eat: there's more to losing weight than to simply eating less. I'm sure you've tried restricting how much you eat before, but it obviously hasn't worked. The magic is in changing the way that you eat and your pattern of eating, which when combined with adding specific fat-burning food groups to your current diet, will over just a few days, convert your body into a fat-burning furnace! Have you ever thought of the idea that eating is something you can do to burn fat? Yes, this is entirely possible, since the process of digestion itself requires a huge amount of calories.

2. Cardiovascular exercise: no, not done in the same way as those fat people at the gym who you see working out every day for months or even years, and are STILL FAT! There is a specific way of performing cardiovascular exercise that will stimulate the use of fat as an energy source. When you can tap into the true power of this fat burning method, that fat around your belly will melt away and vaporize like a drop of water in the desert. Change nothing else in your life, leave your diet the way it is and just make this a regular part of your life and you will see amazing changes in as little as one week!

3. Weight training: for ladies and men alike, weight training is essential for burning away that fat around your stomach as quickly and easily as possible. Since muscle tissue burns calories when you're at rest - sitting down or even when you're asleep, it makes sense to build muscle, or even maintain what muscle you have. Whenever you lose fat, you will inevitably lose muscle alongside it, it's just the way fat loss works. This will reduce how many calories your body burns at rest, making it harder to lose more weight, and is the reason most people fail after seeing a few initial results. So weight training is essential in order to make fat loss easier and easier as you progress. Again, there is a specific way to gain muscle that doesn't involve spending hours and hours at the gym.

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