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sexta-feira, 27 de maio de 2011

How to Burn Stomach Fat to Finally Reveal Your Abs

Stomach fat is the most stubborn and the most difficult fat to get rid of and knowing what exactly to do to get rid of the fat is almost as difficult as getting rid of it. You don't have to struggle any longer as I am about to share with you how to burn stomach fat. Let's begin

Find your motivation

Motivation will be the fuel of your journey; it will make sure that you are successful. Get your motivation by writing down your top reasons for wanting to lose your belly fat and stick it up where you can see it often. Reading it every morning and evening will help to motivate you.

Get a plan of action

Set a solid plan in action as to how you are going to go about losing your belly fat. Setting goals might help you to plan how you are going to achieve your dream. When you set goals make sure that you include exercise, diet and other goals.

Follow a fat burning diet

In order to burn stomach fat your diet has to be fat burning. Have a look at the top fat burning diets and choose on that is both healthy and that suits your needs. Alternatively you can construct your own by including lean protein, whole grain carbs, healthy fats and lots of fruits and veggies and by eating 6 small meals more often.

Snack smart

To avoid you reaching for the vending machine when you get cravings or hunger pangs, keep lots of smart snacks close by - these includes nuts, fruit, veggie sticks and fat free yogurt.

Make sure you include fat burning foods

Fat burning foods will make it easier to burn fat just by eating the food. The following foods are all rumored to be fat burning, include them in your diet on a regular basis: chilies, lean protein, green tea, one cup of coffee in the morning, fat free dairy products and nuts (only a handful, as they are still high in fat).

Weight train

The number one exercise for burning off excess fat by replacing it with lean muscle mass (that burns even more fat), is weight training. To benefit from this fat burning effect and to burn off your stomach fat, include weight training for 3 days a week for about 30-40 minutes at a time. Have one day where you do only upper body and the other day that you do only lower body.

Do fat burning cardio

The most effective cardio is cardio interval training - it burns the most calories and fat of all the cardio types that there is. It is so effective that you only need 20 minutes of cardio interval training, 3 days a week.

Do free exercises

When you want to burn off excess stomach fat, you have to take every opportunity you have to burn off calories and fat. Do this by including lots of free exercise in your day - things like playing outside with your kids, walking your dog and taking the stairs instead of the lift will all help.

Be committed to your goals

Make sure that you are 100% committed to your goals by doing your exercises daily and by sticking to your eating plans.

If you implement these tips and exercises, you will ensure that you start to burn stomach fat while also feeling and looking better instantly. Just make sure to be committed and dedicated and to follow through on your goals no matter what (expect for when you are sick).

One of the most convenient ways to burn stomach fat with cardio is to invest in a portable treadmill - you can take it where ever you go.

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