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sexta-feira, 27 de maio de 2011

Lose Belly Fat - 5 Simple Tips to Keep You Trim

Do you want to lose belly fat? Some people have a large paunch, while some others have a small one. Belly fat which is also known as abdominal obesity is the result of fat getting accumulated in your waist. If the metabolism in our body decreases, then the excess fat in our body is not burned and this gets stored in our abdomen. For some people, this belly fat is embarrassing but for most people, it is simply unhealthy. This condition is linked with cancer, diabetes and heart diseases. The fat in your abdomen is very stubborn, that is why you see that even though some people are successful in losing weight, they still walk around with a small paunch. It is not possible to lose belly fat with diet pills. Please don't fall for such gimmicks. Small changes in your daily routine and a healthy fat free diet will be helpful.

Excess fat is distributed to different parts of your body. You cannot control the distribution of fat in your body, but you can control the accumulation of fat in your body. Here are five simple tips to help you lose belly fat.

1. Kick alcohol, beer and soda out of your life if you want to lose belly fat. Almost all beer drinkers walk around with a pot belly. Soda and beer are high in calories which are converted into belly fat. The best drink is pure water. Water is zero calories and drinking plenty of water helps to prevent dehydration and helps to lose weight. Water increases the metabolism in your body, thereby making your body burn fat faster. Avoid sugary drinks as sugar, raises your blood sugar level which reduces metabolism and fat burning.

2. Know what to eat. Avoid junk food and fast food as these contain a lot of fat. Avoid trans fat or saturated fats, because these can cause fat deposits in the abdomen. They also increase bad cholesterol in your body. Saturated fats come from animal-based foods like milk, butter, cheese, beef, pork, egg yolk etc. Supplement your diet with unsaturated food like olive oil, canola oil, peanuts, avocado which will help you lose the fat.

3. To lose belly fat, you should also follow a regular pattern of exercising. Many people consider exercising a bore. They are willing to diet, but don't want to exercise. But remember, exercise and diet are inter-related. A slow 30 minutes walk is not enough. You have to do intense exercises, if you want to burn the fat. The best form of exercise is interval training. Interval training is a combination of high intensity and low intensity workouts. This helps to boost your metabolism and burn more fat.

4. If you want to lose belly fat, you should eat lean protein. Protein maintains your sugar level and increases your metabolism. So make sure you include protein in your diet every day.

5. Don't ever avoid breakfast. Breakfast helps to increase your metabolism and this helps in the more efficient burning of fat. Also avoid heavy food at night. Since there is no activity when you sleep, there is no fat burning.

No matter what you do, just follow these five simple steps to lose belly fat, and you are sure to see positive results and this will improve your chances of achieving your goals.

I know that trying to lose belly fat can be a real challenge. The good news is you don't have to go it alone. These tips will help you get started, but if you really want more, if you really want to lose belly fat, then go to this website right now: - This is your chance to lose it and keep it off.

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