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terça-feira, 31 de maio de 2011

A Simple But Effective Wedding Weight Loss Diet

Who doesn't want to look great on their wedding day? Below you will find a simple wedding weight loss diet that is easy to incorporate into your busy schedule. By following this a few weeks before your big day you can easily lose up to 10 pounds.

Everyone knows that exercise and nutrition go together, but there is also one other key ingredient and that is water. Drinking lots of water will jump start your wedding weight loss diet and get you even better results.

Because you are trying to lose weight fast for a big occasion you really should attempt to drink as much water as possible. This helps your body cleanse your colon and flush out any toxins and other debris that has been lurking around in your body. If you have been drinking lots of sodas and alcohol then switching to water can produce huge results!

A wedding weight loss diet wouldn't be complete without some type of exercise. Walking is easy and fun to do. Grab some members of the bridal party and go out walking, at the same time you can discuss any wedding preparations too.

If you are having a formal wedding you may want to brush up on your dancing steps. This way you are getting exercise and improving your dancing techniques at the same time. If you try to make the exercise related to your wedding you will be more motivated to keep to it over the next few weeks.

Nutrition is important at any time, but for a bride going on a wedding weight loss diet you have to be certain that you are fuelling your body correctly. Cutting back on calories is great but your body needs energy to work efficiently. This includes eating protein, fruits, carbs and vegetables.

An easy way to cut out calories is to switch unhealthy choices for low fat alternatives. Instead of a cookie or doughnut, reach for a low fat muffin. Rice cakes are better than chips and crackers. If you have a sweet tooth, try freezing some grapes. Then just pop one in your mouth any time you have a sweet craving.

Eating smaller portions is key for your wedding weight loss diet to work. Measure out your meat, potatoes and breads each day. Then you can fill up on low calorie choices such as salads, soups and vegetables. Remember that dressing and sauces can have loads of hidden calories, so add them into your dietary allowances.

It is recommended to eat 1200 calories to lose weight effectively. You should eat a good, hearty breakfast and lunch, then make dinner the smallest meal of the day. This way your body has ample time to burn off the calories throughout the day. By eating a large meal at dinner and then just sitting on the couch watching TV, your body doesn't get to burn the calories properly.

So for your wedding weight loss diet eat smaller portions of healthy low fat foods, drink as much water as possible and add in some form of exercise each day. This will have you looking fantastic on your wedding day.

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