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sexta-feira, 27 de maio de 2011

Why 99% of People Fail to Lose Weight, Burn Fat, Get Lean & Create the Body of Their Dreams

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I am going to share with you why the majority of people fail to ever achieve their goals in regards to their physical bodies and why they never come close to the body of their dreams regardless of how hard they work, how much effort they put on or how well they think they are eating. Then I will tell you exactly what you can do about it to become one of the minority who actually design, sculpt, build and create the body of their dreams and a physic that demands attention.

One of the primary goals of virtually every person I train, every person in the gym and every one I meet (with a few exceptions) is to either lose weight or lose fat from their body. Some people may have specific goals of getting lean ripped abs or building muscle also but virtually all of us have the goal of reducing or eliminating body fat from our bodies.

So what do the majority of people do when they make the decision to lose some weight and try to shed some fat. Usually it's three main things... Cardio cardio cardio because they won't to lose fat, tonnes of sit ups crunches and abdominal/stomach work because that is the main area they want to tone up and lose fat from and then go on some kind of diet usually involves starving themselves and not eating very much.


These poor misguided souls have good intentions and they quite often expend a lot of time and energy in taking action in the pursuit of their goals, which is why it breaks my heart when I see people making these all too common mistakes. Let me explain where this large group of the population are going wrong.

Firstly while cardio is beneficial for burning fat, burning additional calories and losing weight, however to get the best results in actually burning body fat it must be done in a very specific way and unfortunately most people just jump on a treadmill, a bike, a rower and off they go with very little thought as to what they are doing and how they are doing it. The more they sweat the better is a common belief. But the strategy is all wrong and in order to get the best results for fat loss when doing cardio you must have the right strategy for success. Also a very important point which I shall talk about more shortly is that cardio is in actual fact NOT the best form of exercise to burn and shed unwanted fat!

Then all those sit ups, crunches and abdominal work is just so ineffective. Firstly because most people have such poor technique when performing these exercises and just focus on doing as many repetitions as possible without the guidance of an experienced coach or trainer. Listen when it come to abdominal work always think Quality over Quantity! Secondly you must understand that even with excellent technique when performing these exercises, you CANNOT spot reduce body fat! And what that means is that performing an exercise for one particular muscle group or area of the body does nothing more to burn fat from that area than any other exercise. You may be working the muscle underneath the fat but you are not necessarily burning any fat from that area so you may never see the muscle underneath all the fat anyway.

Body fat is nothing more than stored energy. You have consumed more calories, or energy, in the form of food than your body has used and burnt off and so it has been stored as body fat for later use. Where you store body fat is merely your genetics and there is nothing you can do about it. So if you want to burn fat then you must perform the exercises that burn and use the most energy overall so it will take that additional energy from your fat stores wherever that might be. A squat or a lung will do more to burn fat from your tummy than any abdominal exercise ever will because it is more energy demanding!

Then finally the crazy diet that is usually so low in calories that it is not sustainable and therefore not effective long term. It may cause some initial weight lose due to the reduction in energy but the body is super adaptive and it will soon lower the metabolic rate to meet this new lower calorie intake. This is known as the starvation mode. When you deprive the body of energy, calories and food it thinks that there is a shortage and perhaps you are trapped somewhere without food or something and so in an attempt to survive it will do everything possible to conserve energy by slowing down all the metabolic processes. So the person is now burning even less calories than before, the very opposite of their goal. Also when in starvation mode the body will do all that it can to keep hold of any body fat and become extra efficient at storing it because it never knows when or if there will be enough food later on.

So as you can see these three things that the majority of the population do in an attempt to lose weight and burn fat is extremely ineffective and actually counter productive the very thing they are trying to achieve. This is why so many people get frustrated, disappointed and discouraged and end up giving up and often gaining even more weight than when they started.

So the reason 99% of people never achieve their goals of losing weight, burning fat, getting lean and achieving the body of their dreams is because they have a very poor and ineffective strategy! In order to achieve any goal you must have an effective strategy, a system for success, that is proven to produce result. With all the effort, determination, will power and positive intent in the world you can never run east and see a sun set, because running east in search for a sunset is the wrong strategy.

So you see hard work and effort is not enough if you're doing the wrong thing. It is like a fly banging against a window trying to get outside, no matter how hard he tried he's never going to get anywhere. But if he stopped to reassess and take a look around he would see that the window is open just three inches to the side of him. That is what I want to offer you now, an open window to fly out of to your goals.

I've shared with you that the reason for the majority of people never getting the body they want is a poor and ineffective strategy and now I want to offer you a proven strategy for success. A step by step system for producing the results that you want. How to shed pounds, lose weight and burn as much fat from your body as you desire.

In three simple steps that may seem overly simplistic but have no doubt these are the three pillars of fat loss that do not change.

1. Eat Less

2. Eat More

3. Burn More

You must first eat less calories than your body uses or needs but this must be done in a very specific way. Again you must have the right eating strategy in order to set your body up for fat loss. As I shared with you earlier starving your body and going on a diet does not work long term and will train your body to store more fat. You must eat less calories than you burn, that is always golden rule number one, but you must do it the right way.

You then must eat more often. Eating more often, small frequent meals is one of the most effective strategies for reducing body fat. There are so many benefits to eating more often and we do not have the time to go into the depth of in this article but just know for now that eating little and often is essential for effective fat loss.

And thirdly you must burn more calories than you consume and you must burn them through exercise. You must burn fat you cannot just starve it. Effective exercise is of course essential to burning fat and shedding pound of unwanted weight long term but once again you must have the right strategy for the best result.

These are the three pillars, the three steps to effective long term fat loss, weight loss and getting a lean body. Obviously each of these three steps have a details strategy within them and the details of which are far too many to go into in this article. If you want to learn more and discover the exact strategy for each component of this formula, these three steps then I invite you to visit where you can not only find out more about "Fat Loss Blueprint" A complete step by step guide to losing body fat, which is a proven system for success but you can also sign up for a FREE 5 Day Video Course which will help you to start seeing results right away and become one of the 1%.

I Then think about once you get the results you want how you can share your success and your knowledge to inspire and help others who struggle.

Here's to your health, happiness and never ending success

Your Trainer & Friend


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