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terça-feira, 3 de maio de 2011

Forum: good diet for 13 year old girl

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news Forum: good diet for 13 year old girl?; Diet BlogBy Diet and Weight Loss Forum Master at 11/18/10 19:30

Message: good diet for 13 year old girl? has some excellent resources.

Here is a lead in. "i have always been a really fussy eater, ever since i was little. i have always been underweight and i would like to change that. I know, i"

Are you a baby cow? Why do you drink milk? Do you eat junk food? Soda Pop? I'd get rid of that stuff first... deep ...There is nothing wrong with drinking lots of milk. Milk is nutritious. Not all that drinks milk are ...Human babies should drink human milk. Baby cows should drink cow's milk. The "nutrition" of milk is not appropriate for ...this girl is too young to go on a diet. a sufficient and healthy meal would do. she doesn't need to ...Did you mother feed you with Gerber when you were a baby? I don't know if this has scientific basis ...

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