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domingo, 15 de maio de 2011

Eating Right - Six Tips That Will Boost Your Fat Loss Plan

Heavy workouts won't guarantee a successful weight loss unless it's partnered with a healthy diet. Experts saw that a balanced diet gives 70% of the overall weight loss result while strict exercises only give 30%. An intense training may initiate fast fat loss but a good diet will make it faster.

A good menu has a right amount of carbohydrates, protein, and fats. Your everyday meal should contain each of every food group. For example, breakfast should have bread for carbohydrates, milk for protein, and butter for fats. Your diet should go along with your training to achieve a fast fat loss.

Maintain your desired weight with a proper attitude towards a healthy lifestyle. Always keep in mind that being healthy is a better choice. Besides, a healthier body and mind is they key for a productive life.

To keep track of your health and fitness, follow these guidelines:

1. Load up on fiber rich food. Fiber aids digestion and prevents constipation. It also works like a magnet when it comes to toxins and fats. Fiber flushes these bad components in the body, cleansing the digestive area so it can function properly.

2. Avoid artificial food products. Say no to chips and ready to cook pizzas. Learn how to cook your favorite treats instead of eating ones that contain chemicals and grease. For delicious potato chips or French fries, try baking them instead of deep-frying. For pizzas, go for fresh toppings of basil, tomatoes, and cheeses instead of selecting frozen pizzas with ingredients you aren't familiar with.

3. Look for yogurt. Forget ice cream, yogurt is more tangy and healthier than the high-calorie sweet treat you used to eat. Yogurt also has live microorganisms that are good for your tummy.

4. Know the substitutes. There are a few substitutes for your basic food needs like sugar and potatoes. Raisins can substitute sugar in baking cakes. Raisins are basically dried grapes that naturally have sweetness to it. To substitute it to sugar, simply pound it and mix it to a cupcake mix. You might get surprised with the substitute for potatoes: cauliflowers. Just boil the cauliflower heads (remove the stems) and mash them. Add salt, pepper, and a little milk and you have a non-fattening version of mashed potatoes. Only this time, it has the right to be called a mashed cauliflower. In substituting the high-carbohydrate ingredients of your favorite comfort food, you'll experience a fast fat loss.

5. Lean on lean. When deciding whether to eat red meat or chicken, always choose the cut that has less fat on it. Although fat burns when it cooks, you may not want to eat something swimming with its own fat. The fats on all kinds of meat hardens when it cools so if it enters your body, you'll have a hard time getting it off.

6. No to fat salads. Yes, there are salads that make you fatter. When opting to eat salads, pick one that doesn't contain mayonnaise or cream. If you love the creaminess of mayonnaise, substitute it with yogurt to reduce the fat content of your favorite salad.

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