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quarta-feira, 18 de maio de 2011

Fat Loss - The 7 Most Common Mistakes When Trying to Lose Weight

Losing weight is a goal that many people pursue. In fact, this is one of the biggest industries on the planet. This is so because many people struggle to lose weight and try to find the magic pill - that new diet or supplement to give them an edge. The truth is, however, that there is no magic pill. Fat loss is a simple equation - you have to burn that fat off your body with exercise and eating less.

If you know how to avoid the major mistakes that people make when trying to become thinner, fat loss becomes simple.

Mistake #1 - Eating too many calories. You simply cannot lose weight by exercising if you over eat. Talking yourself into burning that cake afterwards with running is a disastrous decision.

Solution: To lose weight, eat less. When in doubt whether to eat something and to later try to burn it off, mentally slap yourself and just stop.

Mistake #2 - Going all out for a short period of time and then quitting is the perfect way to fail.

Solution: you cannot lose too much weight ultra quickly, despite what late night infomercials claim. It is best to get into a program that will allow yourself to keep doing what you need to do - dieting and exercising, for at least 6-8 weeks at a time.

Mistake #3 - Eating too many carbohydrates is a surefire way to make losing fat very hard. Sure, it is possible to lose weight this way. The truth is, however, that after eating carbohydrates, you literally won't be able to burn fat for the next few hours. Fat loss becomes an uphill hike. Sure you can reach the top, but it is harder.

Solution: Try to limit your carbohydrate intake from processed foods while trying to lose weight. For example, I avoid breads and sugars to lose fat faster. .

Mistake #4 - Not training your muscles with resistance exercises. If you only starve yourself without training, a greater portion of the weight you lose will be from your muscles. This means that you will look and feel softer and flabbier. That can't be good.

Solution: Train with some type of resistance 2-3 times per week. These could be bodyweight exercises such as pushups and squats, resistance bands, free weights such as barbells and dumbbells, etc.

Mistake #5 - Not controlling the amount of food or calories consumed in some way and believing that limiting carbohydrates is enough. Many people fail trying to lose weight with low carbohydrate diets. The reason why is that although they try to limit their carbohydrates, they still eat as much as they want and thus fail to achieve a caloric deficit.

Solution: To lose weight, the number one rule is to create a caloric deficit with either diet or exercise, preferable both. Limiting carbohydrates does help, but it is not essential. What is crucial is to limit your calories.

Mistake #6 - Not exercising enough with the sole purpose of losing weight.

Solution: Training to lose fat and training to build muscle are different goals. Losing weight is achieved by exhausting the whole body, making you huff and puff as if trying to catch the bus. Other beneficial activities are sports where you sprint and stop a lot, such as football, basketball, soccer. Other sports which are conducted in segments or rounds are also good - choose from the various martial arts, boxing, skipping rope, sprinting combined with walking, etc.

Mistake #7 - Focusing too much on building muscle and not on losing fat. This mistake is common especially with males. They go to the gym thinking they are not big enough and focusing mainly on working their muscles, even though losing the excess fat will make them instantly look more muscular and better proportioned.

Solution: Set your priorities straight. If you have a belly or love handles or are even more overweight, your goal should be to get to 6-10% body fat in order to look good naked, not just in clothes. Once you reach that body fat goal, then you can focus on gradually building more muscle.

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From Yavor Marichkov - the personal trainer working with real people who shares strategies that he has successfully tried and not just rehashed advice from internet know-it-all's.

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