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quarta-feira, 1 de junho de 2011

Oprah's Acai Weight Loss Diet - Does it Burn Fat? Find Out the Truth

I'm going to warn you right off the bat, whatever you've read already online regarding Oprah's Acai weight loss diet is probably not true, at least not entirely. You see there are claims currently that this superfood is able to burn fat. The truth is however that this claim is exponentially exaggerated. Acai Berries however are still great and healthy for you. Since I've spoiled the surprise somewhat I'll let you know that I'll provide the best way to lose weight permanently, and this isn't a fad. First however lets look at what Acai berries are truly good for.

So Oprah's Acai Weight Loss Diet is fake?

I'm sorry to say its true, but essentially this cleanse that was promoted on the show was relying heavily, and when I say heavily I mean 90%+ on a fiber shake that you had to drink as well. The fiber essentially provided a colon cleanse and at the same time it balances blood sugar and some forms actually act as starch neutralizers (ie. PGX). So by sending mixed signals and claiming that Acai was burning fat, they mislead more than a few people it would seem.

Acai berry juice can however provide anti-aging benefits, many anti-oxidants so it helps prevent diseases such as cancer and anti-inflammatory compounds so some people experience benefits in terms of allergies and chronic pain. However weight loss in terms of burning fat it does not. Oh and its about $3 per day to get adequate benefits from it also, so it isn't cheap.

Is There Anything for Real that Can Help Me Lose Weight?

There are many things, however the one that stands out from the rest was ranked the #1 diet of 2008. It is known as the calorie shifting diet. To summarize it briefly, it effectively does the following:

1. Lets you eat almost anything you want and without starving yourself. 2. Significantly increases your metabolism naturally. 3. Keeps results coming even after you go off of the diet. You keep off the weight and keep burning even more.

If you're serious about losing weight this is easily the best thing you could ever try, anyone who follows it loses weight, its as simple as that.

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