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quinta-feira, 2 de junho de 2011

Debunking the So Called Fat Loss Secrets

In your attempt to lose some weight, you might have come across some magazines and publications that offer quick diet methods that sound too good too be true. Since they want their magazines to sell like hotcakes, they need to put catchy and sometimes absurd headlines. But it doesn't mean that you should fall for it every time. The truth is, if you want to lose weights are looking for that one secret method, there really isn't any. Those who try to sell the so-called fat loss secrets are nothing but salesmen playing to gullible audiences, that aren't really sure of the proper way to lose weight.

The reason why these supposedly fat loss secrets are so popular and sought after is because there's a demand for it -- demand that comes from people who seek to lose weight the easy way. When it fact, losing weight can be easily achieved through proper diet and regular exercises. That's your secret right there! Of course, most people are too lazy to do exercise, so they resort to whatever diets are popular at the moment. It can be guaranteed that they won't get the results they wanted. Know that there is the right path and the wrong path that you can take toward a healthier and slimmer body. When you take the wrong path, by following some bizarre tips that were sold to you as secrets, you will only get disappointed with the results - or the lack thereof.

Unfortunately, many people resort to extreme measures after being disappointed with the wrong path that they have taken. Therefore, you have to really get it in to your head, that there are really no fat loss secrets. Instead, you should stick to proper diets and exercises - as they have been proven time and time again to deliver good results.

The best thing for you to do now is to stop looking for fast fat loss secrets by buying dubious magazines and publications that only care about their sales numbers. Get yourself some reliable publications that offer honest nutrition and exercise advices. Often, you will get practical advice on how to deal with your struggle to lose weight. One thing for sure, they based their advices on real life situation and won't offer any fantasy solution. Stick with them long enough and you will start seeing good results, because their advices would most likely work - if done properly.

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5 Steps to Melt Away Ugly Belly Fat and Lose Weight Permanently for 2011

Yes everyone it's that time of year once again when many will eat as much as they can and then, go into "life reflecting mode" and will make New Year's resolutions but break them within the first 3 months of the New Year. Guess what the number one New Year's resolution is? You guessed it, losing weight.

Why do most people fail at weight loss?

So why do so many people fail at fat loss and what can you do to ensure your success for this new year? Well this is what this article is about so keep reading.

1. No silver bullet or magic potions.

The first thing you need to realize is that there is no magic weight loss pill or silver bullet for losing weight and getting in shape. Permanent weight loss requires consistent effort and some dedication. The first thing you need to do is stop looking for a short cuts.

Sure you will find many fad diets around and I guarantee you don't even go looking they will find you, and you might see some mediocre results with some of these "quick fix" diets out there but none of them are sustainable and they will inevitably come to an end, so once the diet is over, so is the weight loss. Think about it, who can eat one meal a day with only 200 calories forever? That is not even living that's torcher, and yet many people will fall for these diets with the hope of losing weight.

2. No real commitment or plan.

If you are serious about shedding pounds for good, and you want to increase your chances for success, then you must write down a plan, with your goals and your intended results. Most people start a program with no goals or real plans clearly defined. Write down what you want to accomplish (your overall goal) and break them up into smaller manageable and achievable increments. Write down why you need to lose weight, all your reasons and what your main motivating factor is.

Invest in a good weight loss personal journal, and have it close by so you can review your progress and goals often.

3. Embrace change with a positive attitude!

Make changes to your physical surroundings and I would suggest you start with your kitchen. Get rid of all the junk foods and fattening snacks and replace them with healthy wholesome nutritious foods. What some people fail to realize is that you can eat as much as you want and still lose weight! I am taking about great tasting foods that are just as great tasting and satisfying as the junk food, but with far fewer calories and extra junk. Eat to your heart's content; you just have to make sure it's the right kind of foods. Despite what you might have been told, all calories are not created equal, so make right food choices.

Dedicate a place in or around your home where you can do some simple workouts. You have to approach your mission like a business, and that's because it is serious business! If you are going to go walking then identify a place that is close to home, convenient, and safe.

4. Seek out other like-minded people who will hold you accountable.

You should not try to do this on your own. You know that if left up to you, you might not feel like walking today, so you need others who will help to motivate you, keep you on track and it's a lot more fun doing it with a partner who also wants the same thing.

5. Get a comprehensive weight loss system

Effective and permanent weight loss all starts with a high quality program. Whenever you are looking at a program make sure it incorporates the most important fat loss elements such as a proper nutritious diet with a sound, fulfilling dietary meal plans for your entire day with an extensive variety of recipes, a good workout plan that will boost your metabolism so you can supercharge your results, one that will support you along the way and includes great strategies and proven techniques for permanent losing the weight. You need a plan that will track your progress and evaluating your results as you move toward the body you have always wanted.

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Food Lovers Fat Loss System

Did you know that there is a weight loss program that lets you eat anything you want and still lose extra weight? It is called the "Food Lovers Fat Loss System". This program is very easy to carry out since there is no need for the unnecessary "sacrifice" often connected to dieting. The system emphasizes more on maintaining consistent blood sugar levels and stabilizing your metabolism.

What makes the Food Lovers Fat Loss System different from other weight loss programs is that it allows you to eat almost everything. Yes, you can eat your favorite pizza, fried foods and desserts. Ironically, these are foods that you would normally avoid when you are on a diet. You are not restricted to follow a certain type of diet. You don't have to worry about counting calories as well. The system is all about optimizing your glycemic profile.

Carbohydrates are categorized into two types - the "Fast Carbs" which converts sugar in your blood fast, and the "Slow Carbs" which is the opposite. Your body should get the right combination of fast carbs and slow carbs. Adding a protein source will complement this diet and will keep your insulin level low. By doing this, your blood sugar level will remain constant - not be too low and not too high. If you are able to maintain this, your body will burn more fats and will be in a consistent fat burning mode.

The program also teaches you how to stabilize your metabolism by eating the right kinds of food. A fast metabolism is very important if you need to significantly drop and maintain your weight. Because the program does not restrict you to eating only certain types of foods, your craving is always satisfied. You can eat whatever you want - in the right amounts and combination.

You can forget the notion that starving yourself is the best way to shed off those extra pounds. You can break away from believing that carbohydrates, sugar and proteins do nothing but make you fat. This is simply not true. You need all these nutrients for energy and proper absorption of vitamins in your body.

The Food Lovers Fat Loss System is indeed a unique weight loss program. It is the only program available today that is realistic and does not involve emotionally and physically starving you from the comfort foods that you love. Try it out and you see for yourself how easy it really is to lose weight and maintain a healthy body.

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Fat Burning Diets - Unlock the Hidden Secrets About Real Weight Loss!

A lot of fat burning diets will leave you hungry and deprived of real food, which leads to eating between regular meals. This does not help you at all. The real secret to weight loss is easting healthy and not starving yourself. When you do this you not only burn fat but you don't have the desire to eat foods that are not good for you.

There is an online plan that shows you what foods you need to eat and how you can combine them to burn fat easily. This is a healthy way to lose a large amount of weight quickly. You will be losing weight faster than ever while improving your health.

Most fat burning diets will have you purchasing supplements or buying high priced meals. Most of these meals have no taste to them and leave you starving for real food. With this plan you won't have to count calories and you get to eat real food.

When you learn what the best foods are to burn fat and the right way to eat them, your body will burn calories much faster. Fat burning weight loss happens when you eat the right foods in a way that increases your metabolism. Some of these foods include nuts, vegetables, fruits, lean protein, dairy, and green tea.

Many people don't realize how easily you can lose weight when you do it the right way. You will not have to count calories or limit your meals to lose weight quickly. You also do not have to eat low fat or low calorie foods to drop pounds quickly.

If you are sick and tired of all the expensive fad diets that just don't work, or leave you starving and unsatisfied, you need to check out the top diet plans that will work.

I promise this is the best diet to Fat Burning Diets.

Rapid Weight Loss Diet - Dropping Inches Fast Without Working Out Or Starving!

The best rapid weight loss diet, which allows you to lose weight quickly without suffering, isn't going to be found by killing yourself at the gym or by skipping meals until you nearly pass out from hunger! It may seem impossible to lose weight without those two things but in reality they are exactly why 95% of dieters fail when attempting a rapid weight loss diet routine.

Today we're going to go over how Asian women quickly and easily lose weight, even right after having a baby, and how you can use their knowledge to get the body of your dreams without taking unnatural risks that hurt your overall health.

Rapid Weight Loss Diet - The Skinny Asian Method

When new students join my local weight-loss classes usually their first question is something like "So how do Asian women get so skinny"??

The reality is that Asian women do it by turning their bodies into constant metabolic infernos that are burning calories around the clock, even while sleeping. And while you're not going to learn their best secrets and techniques from a single short article you CAN add a few things to your daily routine that will get you on the road to the body you deserve.

One Secret: The Perfect Mix

Asian women figured out generations ago that a specific mixture of foods at any meal can dramatically affect whether their body's metabolism is put into a calorie-burning state for the rest of the day or not. And if they focused on dishes that produced this effect as often as possible they could lose almost unlimited amount of weight without even thinking about it.

This "perfect mix" for a rapid weight loss diet is too long to go into in this short space, but I typically describe it to my clients as the "3:1" formula.

The 3:1 formula is basically a way to say that at every meal I want you to have 3 times as many lean protein food sources as you do fibrous carbohydrates.

Here's an example: If you were to have 6 ounces of grilled fish as your main course at dinner you would need to have 2 ounces of broccoli or tomatoes or spinach or another high-fiber vegetable as your side dish to produce the effect we're after.

Why It Works

This simple 3:1 ratio produces an amazing effect on our bodies, putting our calorie-utilization system into the perfect range to use stored body fat cells as energy, and keeping new fat cells from forming...even when no exercise is being done. No wonder millions of Asian women around the world turn to this as the core of their rapid weight loss diet techniques, what could be easier?

If you get the formula down perfectly, by using main protein sources such as chicken, tofu, eggs, lean beef, fish, soy, and other easy to find components combined with any high-fiber vegetable sources, you'll see the pounds fly off very quickly. And you'll do it without ever having to attend that cardio class you hate or starving yourself every second!

Make every meal a 3:1 meal and you'll have figured out one of the key ways Asian women successfully keep the weight off both for themselves and their families. Try this rapid weight loss diet at your next meal.

What If You Still Can't Lose Weight?

If you just can't seem to make any progress towards fitting into your favorite jeans you'll want to learn a more powerful secret free method that Asian women do to force fat off of their belly and thighs in less than a month...without starving or doing crazy workouts.

This solution works fast and is very simple, the full details on how to do it are in the free report here: Rapid Weight Loss Diet. I actually do it myself while relaxing on the couch watching TV, and it works amazingly well.

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Love and good health always,

Catherine Cheng - Founder, The Skinny Asian Diet

10 Reasons Why We Are So Fond of Quick Weight Loss Diets

Quick weight loss diets are everywhere and many of us have tried our share of them. But have you heard about the habanera chili diet? Consume six raw habanera chilies prior to any meal and then you can eat all you want. Shed 30 pounds in just 10 days guaranteed!

Now, in case you haven't figured it out yet...I am pulling your leg to make a point. Did you, even for a moment, consider that just maybe such a diet might be the real deal? Uh, huh. Gotcha!

Have you searched the web yet for the cabbage soup diet? My son told me the other day that he was on...the banana diet. That one had eluded me. Apparently eating a banana with each meal helps you to burn it off. So they say.

Years ago I gave the grapefruit diet a try despite the fact that I don't really like grapefruit. I'll bet most of those cabbage soup dieters aren't so very fond of cabbage either.

To be fair there are some crash diet plans that allow you to eat food you really like. Back in the 70's I took a chance on the Atkins diet. Stayed on it for 6 months to the day and lost 75 pounds. For a half year I loaded up on all the meat, butter, cream, cheese, and eggs I wanted.

When the weight came back in the 6 months that followed I again reverted back to the Atkins Diet. More fat laden meat, butter, etc. Lost another 70 pounds. And then...I gained it back again.

I recall, prior to taking on the Atkins Diet the first time, that there were numerous warnings about the dangers of a fat laden diet. But...that didn't seem to matter. Neither did the fact that after a few months I had grown tired of eating the same stuff over and over. More important to me than anything else was losing weight.

My first ever diet came as a teenager. That's when my grandmother took me to the doctor who put me on a 1000 calorie diet. I still recall all the counting, measuring, weighing, and denial of my favorite foods. Even on that diet I lost weight but it still came back.

After high school I went into the Navy. Immediately following boot camp I had opportunity to spend a week at home. On the first morning back I pulled some of my old clothes out of the closet and a most amazing thing happened. My pants were so big I couldn't wear them. Without even trying I had lost a bunch of weight. And for the next 4 years the weight stayed off.

There are lessons to be learned from my diet pilgrimage. In fact, I believe that my experience is common to most of us who have had deal with a weight problem.

The reason we are so fond of quick weight loss diets is because we have come to hate dieting. Even if you only have a few pounds to shed in a hurry you have discovered that dieting is bad news. Since we have come to believe that all diets are unpleasant then it just seems to make better sense to go on diets that are brief and provide a high return on investment.

Following are 10 reasons why we are so fond of quick weight loss diets:

We have to deny ourselves what we like.
We have to eat things we don't like.
Our choices are too limited.
We are often hungry on a diet.
Diet food tastes like cardboard.
Temptation is all around (food ads on TV are brutal).
Can't share in the social aspects of eating fun food with friends.
Unpleasant previous experiences with dieting.
Required disciplines that upset our routine. We don't like change.
The weight we lost comes right back...and more.

We live in a stressful world. They don't call it comfort food for nothing. I don't know about you...but a bowl of chocolate ice cream is far more comforting than a carrot.

But then there is that lesson that I learned in the Navy when I lost weight and kept it off without trying. That was all about lifestyle change...which really is the only thing that will ultimately work.

It took me a long time to realize that. The only right weight loss program is a healthy diet combined with a consistent fitness routine.

Look down the road to the way you want to be later in life. None of us wants to be in failing health and unable to enjoy life. So isn't the routine of a healthy lifetime diet more desirable than debilitating disease? In my mind, all diets are unpleasant. So you might as well choose the one that promotes health and wellness. Choose your pain. Now....or later.

Richard Weirich co-hosts the internationally popular Health at Last Radio and has written numerous publications on weight loss, health, and wellness. To find out more about quick weight loss you can visit the author's website here.

To Gym Or Not to Gym For Muscle Gain and Fat Loss?

Many who pursue muscle building or weight loss feel that joining a gym is a prerequisite, and so, following a rather calorie friendly December, thousands crowd the lobbies of local gyms, signing up for a 3+ year membership, believing that they've just taken the first step towards a bodybuilding or weight loss transformation. But if we analyze the number of people who actually continue attending the gym following their contractual commitment, we find that the excited patrons who were fueled with desire for physical fitness suddenly fail to walk through the gym's front door as February approaches.

Most assume that sloth is the natural enemy that prevents most from pursuing a pattern of consistency, and never analyze whether in fact the gym environment itself may be offering an insurmountable obstacle for many, eventually causing most to quit the pursuit of muscle building or fat loss completely.

But why? How could the gym actually reduce motivation to train, when in fact the environment should be conducive towards achieving results? The answer will be found within the first few workouts, and clearly becomes one of the main reasons why most lose their fondness for gym attendance before they produce any noticeable changes.

Imagine you are prepared for an intense workout, and you encounter one or more friends who decide to train at the same time as you. What will likely happen next? Will the group experience the best weight training and aerobic workout of the year, or will the next hour focus upon discussing last night's episode of the Biggest Loser? Let's say you visit the gym and happen not to find any acquaintances, but as you scan the territory, immediately sense that every machine you are planning to use is occupied, with a 10+ minute wait for each. Do you think this will contribute towards a productive workout session, or encourage a trip to the local fast food drive thru to try and munch the mounting frustration away?

Oh, and let's not forget the most convenient excuses to skip the gym for a day, such as weather (two feet of snow might make navigating the highway difficult), car breakdown (a flat tire always interferes with melting a spare tire!), and traffic (wouldn't want to be late for dinner!). Some may say that these inconveniences cannot occur on a regular basis, but once momentum is ruined, and a workout is missed, the mind becomes far more accepting of another skipped session, and this attitude will eventually lead to a new habit, one which is much more enjoyable - couch warming, without the distraction of a daily gym visit.

So, what is the alternative? I not only perform my bodybuilding training at home, but built over 60 pounds of muscle mass and lost 50 pounds of fat in the process, proving that neither muscle building nor fat loss requires waiting in line for machines or paying expensive bodybuilding gym dues. In fact, my bodybuilding success was achieved in my basement, with basic weight training equipment, and I was able to produce far more consistency with my workout regimen than most who must contend with the inconvenient gym environment, specifically because I am in control of my environment, and can remove distractions that interfere with my ability to train.

This is not to say that achieving a bodybuilding physique or producing consistent weight loss is impossible through gym training, as many with such memberships produce excellent results, but for those who have the option to purchase some basic equipment and train at home, I believe doing so is far more convenient, offers no distractions, and is significantly less expensive over a several year period than joining a local gym. Achieving success in muscle building or fat loss is in great part due to mental focus, a factor which suffers greatly when subjected to an unpredictable set of circumstances, and this is why I have always opted for training at home, and produced very impressive muscle building and fat loss results specifically because I have always been able to proceed with my workouts in a methodical, controlled fashion.

Don't frown upon training at home until you've experienced the frustrations of attending a gym, and do yourself a favor; if you join a local gym facility, make sure not to sign a long term deal until you have consistently trained for three months and have proven to yourself that the distractions and obstacles will not interfere with remaining faithful to your routine.

Francesco Castano is the owner of IncrediBody, a physical fitness company dedicated to helping others learn exactly how to gain muscle mass and lose weight without supplements or drugs. He authors two programs, one called MuscleNOW, teaching the correct bodybuilding diet and weight training program to follow for muscle gain, and Fat Vanish, which teaches how to lose weight & burn fat for natural weight loss. He includes lifetime email personal training with both programs, where he personally assists all of his clients with training and diet questions, and has hundreds of testimonials validating the effectiveness of his techniques. You may visit his web sites at and, where you will learn more about his products, and please feel free to contact him at any time with your fitness questions.